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We do a soft credit check, which does not impact your credit core. Don’t worry, your information will be secure with us.

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A Credit Report is a lot more than just your credit score.

Credit Tracking

A Fincity Credit Report is just the beginning of your financial well-being.

Improve your credit health, get loans quickly and easily, and at the best interest rates.

Credit Insight

Get free, personalized, step-by-step recommendations based on your credit report.

Solutions for your financial disputes through tailored AI-enabled solutions.

Credit Builder

A comprehensive dashboard that can give you a consolidated view of your credit history.

One click view of your credit health with a customized dashboard

Credit Monitor and Alerts

Real-time tailored alerts whenever there is a change in your credit health.

Demand the lowest interest rates and best deals

Loans and Offers

Fincity can get you exactly what works for you, as we stand by you throughout the entire lending lifecycle, from origination to sanction.

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Answers to Your Questions

Lenders look at your credit score and loan history to evaluate if they would do business with you.
A satisfactory credit score indicates that it will be easier for you to secure a loan. If your credit score is low, you will need to take concrete steps to improve your credit rating before you can apply for a loan.
Credit Building involves taking conscious, long-term decisions that can help improve your credit score over a period of time, making it easier for you to get a loan.
  • Clear your credit card outstanding dues
  • Minimize your credit card utilization (stick to 30% of max limit rule)
  • Use P2P lending platforms